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New Episodes Weekly

David Hernandez is the founder of Body by Purpose and creator of the Elite Champion Fitness Academy, a company designed to equip individuals mentally and physically to fulfill their purpose in life.

As an international speaker, an athlete, a Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA), a degree in Nutrition and Culinary Arts, with a specialty in Food Service Management, from Johnson and Wales University, and being in the fitness industry for over 15 years, he has gained the knowledge and expertise to help people from all walks of life and any fitness level, achieve their personal health and fitness goals. 

The Elite Champion Fitness Academy focuses on creating champions out of people who may have thought of themselves as failures in the past. Some areas of focus include exercise, nutrition, mindset training, habits training, and much more. David prides himself on educating others on how to create generational health using strategy, lifestyle recalibration, and accountability, but above all else, focusing on two essential principles that most people leave out. It is identity and habits of thinking (mindsets) that create patterns of failure in people’s lives, and if they correct them, they can create change in any area of life. People are often stunned and amazed to find that there is a champion inside of them that they didn't know was even there, and when they change these two principles, they really learn how to tap into that champion within, and live undefeated. This is what ensures that the results people achieve are kept for the rest of their life. 

David is also the host of the You're Not Defeated Podcast,  which focuses on encouraging people to overcome, and live Not Defeated, through the sharing of inspirational stories of triumph, thus improving people's lives and helping them achieve their life goals.

David Hernandez’s Story:

David was born in El Paso, Texas to immigrant parents who moved from Mexico to Texas with dreams of making a better life for themselves and their children. David fell in love with sports, fitness, and nutrition at a young age when he became involved in Little League Football at the age of 8. One of his favorite Halloween costumes was dressing up as a football player. Soon he was also involved in baseball, basketball, karate, soccer, volleyball, and boxing. But David was always told he was too skinny, that he wasn't big enough or fast enough to be good at sports. This only increased his passion for sports and his drive to be the best. 

At the age of 12 he began working out at the YMCA in order to gain weight and build muscle. As he started working out he soon developed fascination with and then a passion for bodybuilding, He began to buy the muscle magazines, he looked it up on the internet, and started putting into practice everything he was learning. David was soon one of the few sophomores to play varsity football, he was the fastest runner on the team with a 4.4 (seconds) in the 40 yard dash. He became captain of his high school team, and was a First Team, All City, wide receiver with multiple scholarship offers coming in. 

As his interest in bodybuilding continued to grow, David would go to the gym and make friends with the “big guys,” the bodybuilders, and soon he was getting tips and learning the secrets that weren’t written in the muscle magazines, the things most personal trainers didn’t know, and if they did, they didn’t share them with their clients. This only drove his passion to learn more about the fitness industry and how to help others transform their body.

But then David lost his childhood best friend Eric, to obesity. Growing up, they used to do everything together, they went to school together, they played high school football together, they worked out together. Eric was overweight and had struggled with his weight all of his life, but David began helping with all the things he was learning about health and fitness. 

When David turned 18, he moved to Miami to pursue his dreams, and with that move he lost track of his childhood best friend. Three years later he found out that Eric was dead, and that he had died because of obesity. He’d become so frustrated with his weight, and suffered in silence for so long, that in a desperate attempt to finally get the weight off, he’d gotten gastric bypass surgery, but two days later he got an infection and he died. 

David’s best friend had died of obesity, and that devastated him. He felt like he could have helped Eric more, that he should have stayed in touch with him, and so he blamed himself, at least in part, for his best friend’s death. David decided right then and there, that no one he loved or cared about was ever going to die of obesity again, if he could help it. So this tragedy fueled David’s passion to help people, not just with weight loss issues, but with all their health and fitness issues. 

Having a background in nutrition and personal training created the perfect recipe for success, but David was still training clients privately and he really didn’t speak out publicly about what he did. However that all changed in 2018 when he found himself on his deathbed. 

David went on a mission trip to Haiti that changed his life forever. He had an incredible experience there, but at the same time, it almost killed him. Five days after he returned to the United States, he ended up in the ER and they couldn’t figure out what was going on. They suspected it was a tropical disease that he’d picked up in Haiti, but they didn’t know which one. All they knew was that his whole body was in excruciating pain and they didn’t know why. 

After two days of testing and six misdiagnosis, a doctor who happened to be in town from Puerto Rico was consulted, and he immediately recognized that they were dealing with Dengue Fever. He walked into David’s room and said, “You’ll feel like you’re going to die, and you might die; it all depends on if your body has the will to keep on fighting or not.” and then he walked out of the room. Dengue Fever is known as The Bone Crushing Disease, and that’s exactly what it felt like it was doing to David. At that point, with a 105 degree fever and a body racked with pain, David was giving up and saying, “It isn’t worth it, I just want to die so the pain will stop.” But he didn’t die. In the end it was confirmed that not only did he have Dengue Fever, but three other tropical viruses as well, and the doctor said he didn’t know how David was even still alive. 

Truthfully, if it wasn’t for God, and because he was so healthy and in the best shape of his life, David would have died. He lost over 60 lbs in 11 days, and even though he lived, the pain and other side effects of the virus lasted for many months after he was released from the hospital! So David’s health and fitness routine literally saved his life! 

As he began to get his life back, David realized that this was a gift from God and that he needed to begin speaking out publicly about health and fitness issues, because his knowledge really could change people’s lives. So with this realization, Body By Purpose was born. 

For several years now David has shifted his focus to training primarily women, empowering them to live healthy and fit lives, and to fulfill their destinies, so they are able live the life they deserve and to pass that on to future generations. 

David’s connection with women and his respect for them, can be traced back to the example his mom set for him. David watched his mother, a Mexican immigrant who didn’t speak English, put herself through school. She would carry a dictionary and thesaurus everywhere she went so she could understand what they were teaching. She learned English and got her bachelor's degree in social work at the same time, while working a full time job, and taking care of her husband and three children. He watched her struggle, often in silence, doing whatever she needed to do to achieve a better life, and he always remembered that example. Then as his mother went on to pursue a career in Social Work, David’s older sister took care of him, so she also contributed to his ability to understand and connect with women.

As David started to train women he noticed he had a connection with them, an affinity for helping them. As they started to open up about their situations, he was able to understand, partly because of the situation with Eric, who suffered some of the same pain that so many of these women suffered, often suffering in silence. So it became easy for him to connect with them and show them that not only did he understand, but that he really just wanted to help them make their situations better by teaching and encouraging them. 

David says that he understands the power that women have, the potential that they have. He sees women as dedicated and passionate, and that when they want something they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. David finds that women are often better than men at following instructions, which makes them more coachable, more teachable, and more flexible; and because of this, they get better results. He likes the fact that he doesn't have to deal with the egos that sometimes stop men from being as coachable, teachable, and flexible as they need to be to get good results. 

David believes that a healthy, strong, fit woman, is an unstoppable woman, and that often all they need is someone to bring hope, to encourage, and to inspire them, letting them know that they can do it, and that somebody cares about them and believes they can achieve it. So David’s mission has become helping as many women as possible to achieve their goals. 

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